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Zander45 [ Sa, 09. Februar 2013 16:07 ]
Titel: 2013 Fashion Box
Hello Shot Online Community,

We would like to introduce everyone to - 2013 Fashion Box!
2013 Fashion Box contains all of the latest "GRP" version of Warm Clothes and it will also have a new set of clothes, Snow clothes, inside.

Please be noted that the new "GRP" version of Warm Clothes can only be combined with other GRP version of clothes.
Snow set of clothes cannot be combined with "GRP" version of Warm clothes.

The combined "GRP" version of new Warm Clothes will provide the following stats : Impact +1, Skill +5, Socket +2, Practice Density +1.

Along with the new Fashion Box, there will be a

2013 Fashion Box Open Reward Event
*Click Here* for more information on this event.

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