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Zander45 [ Sa, 09. Februar 2013 16:10 ]
Titel: GM Challenge Event
Hello Shot Online Golfers,

As another weekend is drawing near us, we have prepared a special GM Event for you!

Rules for the new GM Event will be very simple & straight-forward but players will have to challenge themselves to earn the best rewards.
(Good rewards should always be some-what challenging to get!)

GMs, Cloudy and Thrill, will post their scores on 2 different courses.
Players are to beat their scores by as many strokes as possible. Players will be rewarded depending on the difference in score.

Make sure to check out the details below!

GM Challenge Event

Starting: 2/08/13, 00:00(12:00 AM) server time
Ending: 2/10/13, 23:59(11:59 PM) server time

GM Cloudy's Event Course: Pearl Green Island (PGI)
GM Thrill's Event Course: Forneus

Event Rules: 18 Hole, Stroke Mode ONLY

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