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Zander45 [ Sa, 16. Februar 2013 07:19 ]
Titel: Hole Count Event
Hello Shot Online Golfers,

For this weekend, we have prepared a Hole Count Event for our players to enjoy.

Since we've only had this event once in the past, we will go over the rules and such so that everyone is aware of how the event works and what they need to do to win prizes.

Please see below for the details!

< Hole Count Event >

Starting: 00:00 server time, 2/16/13
Ending: 23:59 server time, 2/18/13

Event Courses: Hyundai Song Gia GC for Event Ball Marker (5)
Bianca Fjord for Event Ball Marker (10)

*NOTE* Only 1 event course will be active at all time. Please check the server time before you participate in the event.

Between 00:00 ~ 12:00 server time, Bianca Fjord will be active.
(12:00 AM ~ 12:00 PM server time)

Between 12:01 ~ 23:59 server time, Hyundai Song Gia GC will be active
(12:01 PM ~ 11:59 PM server time)

(Your shots will not count towards the event if you play on the wrong course at the wrong time)

ALL game modes!

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