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New Quests for Semi-Pro & Tour-Pro
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Beitrag New Quests for Semi-Pro & Tour-Pro 
Hello Golfers,

Before we give out the details on upcoming Semi-Pro and Tour-Pro quests, we would like to explain our thought process on the weather issue and how we will be working on its surrounding systems to alleviate some of the frustration with the weather system.

Over the course of what's about to be 9 years, Shot Online underwent a lot of changes and contents.
Players were blazing through the level system as we introduced more and more powerful stat items.
And to balance the game out against our ever-growing player skill level and abundant amount of powerful stat items, we increased the maximum/minimum wind-speed on a lot of the courses.

As players reached higher levels and obtained more powerful stat items, it was only necessary for us to heighten the game difficulty.
Our development team did and still spends a reasonsable of amount of their time to balance out the game so that the game does not feel boring or out-dated by providing new contents that are challenging to even our oldest players.

After reviewing a large sum of player feedback/complaints regarding the weather system, we noticed that a lot of these players were frustrated with the "bad weather" kicking-in during their long-waited tests. (Semi-Pro, Tour-Pro, Graduation Test)

So, we have decided to make a few of our tests easier and provide the conveniency to take them whenever our players wish to.
Although the new quests may not bring any direct fix to the whole weather issue, we are hoping to lift-off some of the frustration that our players are experiencing with their tests due to the "bad weather" issue.

The new quests are mainly for low-level and mid-level players who are looking to: open up new courses, achieve new titles and experience end-game contents.


Quest Name    Lv. Requirement    Starting  NPC                        Objective(s)    Reward
Path to Semi-Pro     Lv. 46 ~ 100     NPC Thor     Achieve 72 (-0) or better on Fensalir and Hela 18 Hole Stroke Mode     Access to Semi-Pro Test  
Semi-Pro Test Quest     Lv. 46 ~ 100     NPC Thor     Achieve 64 (-8) or better on Gladsheim 18 Hole Stroke Mode.

Acquire handicap(HC) score of -4 or better on Gladsheim.     Semi-Pro Title                                
Path to Tour-Pro     Lv. 81 ~ 100     NPC Thor     Acquire handicap(HC) score of -10 or better on Hela and Forneus.

Acquire handicap(HC) score of -8 or better on Rufus Arena and Cadeiger.     Access to Tour-Pro Test
Tour-Pro Test Quest     Lv. 81 ~ 100     NPC Thor     Achieve 62 (-10) or better on Rufus Arena and Cadeiger. (18 hole, Stroke Mode)     Tour-Pro Title

The new quests will allow players to take the Semi-Pro and Tour-Pro tests whenever they feel that they are ready.

We are working on a similar quest-line for the Graduation Test as well.

**Gaining a Tour-Pro title through the new quest-line will NOT be rewarded.**
(Gaining a Tour-Pro title through qualifying & testing is rewarded with 5,000,000 NG, Tour-Pro pants and 1 Fedora A100 Plus(Non-tradable)

Please let us know if you encounter a bug or an issue while trying-out the new quests via DQ&A.
We appreciate your time and cooperation.
Thank you.


Shot Online Team

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